Services & Pricing

Photography Services

Portraits: Images for organizations and businesses

I help businesses, organizations, and individuals tell their story with photography that conveys the image they want the world to see. These services include photographs for web sites, advertising, annual reports, and public relations material, anything you would use to tell your story. The work also includes in depth projects for organizations that involves a collection of images that are shot and exhibited in order to promote or explore specific issues

Portraits: Individuals, high school seniors, families

I do love to help individuals and families celebrate their accomplishments. Did you get a new job? Is your high school student a rising senior? Do you have a new addition to your family? During my portrait sessions I create an atmosphere of trust and comfort to make it an enjoyable experience. This allows me to take cherished images that truly capture the spirit and energy of those I photograph. I will even schedule around children’s and parent’s nap time 😉

Places: Vermont Landscape or Nature photography

We are surrounded by beauty in Vermont. I have a library of VT images that can be used as hero images on your website or in other promotion. You can use them to help tell your story. Prints can be made of these images to add color to your home or office. Some of these images can be found in a line of notecards I created to revive the art of writing notes to friends and family, and share images of Vermont. They make great gifts for clients or family.

Portrait Pricing for Carroll Photos

Portraits may be taken in my studio, or at your home, business or favorite outdoor location. Note that pricing is for the actual portrait session not prints. Edited images are placed in an online gallery where you can order prints, or file sharing system like DropBox.

  • $195
  • 1 Hour
  • In Studio
  • Up to 6 High-res Images
  • Images Edited
  • 2 Backgrounds
  • Delivery via File Sharing
  • Contact Now
  • $250-375
  • Up to 3 Hours
  • Work Environment
  • Inside or Outside
  • 6–10 High-res Images
  • Professional Lighting
  • Delivery via File Sharing
  • Contact Now
  • $250
  • 1–2 Hours
  • $25 credit for enlargements
  • Images Edited
  • At Your Home
  • Or in the Studio
  • Inside or Outside
  • Contact Now
  • $225
  • 1–2 Hours
  • $25 credit for enlargements
  • Yearbook Photos
  • Taken at Favorite Location
  • Or in the Studio
  • Different Set-ups
  • Contact Now

For Business

Whether you are a sole proprietor or a company with many employees, there are many ways to use photography to tell your story. Please contact me and we can figure out what you need together.

For more complex work that takes over 4 hours I use my day rate to figure out costs. I will prepare an estimate that you would sign off on before we begin photography.

  • portrait of woman ducking under her horse and smiling
  • Dick McCormack portrait
  • a portrait of a dentist and his team of dental assistants photographed in woods
  • Snow blowing through the woods with sunlight behind it snowshoe trail on right
  • Jeffrey Nowell Peoples United portrait
  • sunrise over the ocean shot from a motel deck
  • water with ice floes mountains in background clouds in sky
  • round church in winter with a family sledding down the hill in front
  • a portrait of a smiling woman and her young daughter on her back
  • dark clouds over white capped water and mountains driftwood and tree in foreground
  • portrait of a smiling woman in a lime green shirt and matching scarf and earrings in front of brown background
  • portrait of smiling young couple snuggled together with autumn color in background
  • portrait of a smiling young woman with red hair autumn trees in background
  • light green leaves just coming out on the trees in the foreground lake with mountains in distance silhouettes of people siting on benches
  • a portrait of grandparents parents and a young girl in autumn
  • landscape of mt mansfield in background field and trees in foreground a red house and barn in the distance
  • portrait of a woman in red with hands on hips in front of brown background