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I help you figure out how to tell your story through the medium of photography.

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Mary Claire Carroll

That is what I do. I tell stories by creating images that give people, organizations, and Vermont businesses a visual narrative that genuinely reflects their essence.

I was 14 years old when my first photograph of a young friend racing down a ski course was published in a magazine called Lake Placid Club Life, a magazine my Dad published for a local resort.

After college, and jobs in television, and local newspapers, I started Carroll Photos. Since then I have been honored to share the stories of thousands of individuals through my photography. I have photographed business owners, politicians, actors, lawyers, bankers, realtors, artists, musicians, doctors, families, high school seniors, and many others in my studio, at their homes, or at their workplaces. Or outside in their favorite Vermont location.

For nonprofits I traveled around the state photographing outstanding women, people with intellectual disabilities (and those that support them), farmers and those who work in Vermont’s wood industry, many small business owners in their environments, and the those who were helped  by Vermont’s housing programs. Some of these images went into annual reports, advocacy material, or websites. Others became exhibits that were seen around VT, with at least 4 ending up in the VT Statehouse where they were used to teach legislators and visitors about certain issues.

I love photographing people and helping them see their best selves in my images. But I know it is not easy to be on the other side of the camera. If you would like an article on how to collaborate with a photographer to bring your best self to a session, please put “collaborative photography” in your email subject.

802-383-8132 or e-mail me using the Contact Page.

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Dick McCormack
"Mary Claire’s portraits are authentic, natural displays of her subject’s real selves. The viewer sees the subject without necessarily seeing Mary Claire’s artistry because her talent is for presenting her subject not herself."

Dick McCormack
"When my employer asked me to provide a professional photo for marketing purposes I knew right away that I would go to Mary Claire. I went to the photo session with one of my colleagues, and all three of us had such fun working and laughing together. Mary Claire made us both feel totally at ease, and the finished results reflect her skills as a true artist."

GE Healthcare
"I set up a date (with friends who agreed to be models!) and then realized I knew nothing about what I wanted! Mary Claire talked me down off the ceiling, helped me determine which aspects of my business I wanted to highlight, and also the spirit I wanted to capture. She guided me in make-up, colors, space needs. Her prompt arrival to do set-up let me relax so I could actually do what I needed her to capture. She had a sensitive approach to direction that allowed the "models" to be natural, enjoy the process. And she had accurately estimated the time it would take so no-one's patience was exhausted. ......... The best part was that as we had discussed my head shot was not a posed one. She captured me doing what I love, in a casual moment. No grimace. I am happy about it, something I did not dare hope!"


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